Soon an app to bring petrol pumps right in front of your car


In an age of on-demand world were delivering all types of products and services right at the customer’s doorstep has become a norm, Neogi Technologies and Research Private Limited, a Kolkata based enterprise have designed mobile fuel dispensing machines that enables door-to-door delivery of diesel, kerosene, bio-diesel, lubricating oil, etc.

Founded by Dhrupabada Neogi in 1971, the then 35-year-old’s namesake company began its journey by selling import substitutes spares. Gradually over time, he started repairing, servicing and complete overhauling of petrol pumps. This was followed by Neogi starting to modify and fabricate various sub-assemblies and equipment of petrol pumps and thus developed the mobile dispensing units.

The High Accuracy Fuel Metering and Dispensing Units are as per government standards and makes it regulatorily possible to enable door-to-door delivery of different types of fuel to all households. This can have a significant positive impact on the environment as it will save unnecessary travel done by millions and millions of vehicles every day to reach the fuel pump stations.

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