Side Effects of High Intake of Salt


If the amount of salt in our house is reduced sometimes, then that food seems to be tasteless. To fulfill this, some people take extra salt, while there are some people who consume salt in addition to salads and other means besides eating daily. Consumption of salt in high quantity can lead to many types of serious diseases, due to which incurable diseases start to develop in your body. Here you will be told about similar diseases that may be caused by eating too much salt

Heart Disease

Excess intake of salt causes more stretch in the heart muscle. This causes these cells to grow automatically and disrupt the functioning of the heart. After this, many functions of the heart are not able to function properly. Its fatal outcome increases the risk of many types of heart diseases by leaps and bounds.


Many people succumb to stroke very easily. It proves to be the most deadly in our head and we feel like an electric shock. According to scientific studies, excessive intake of salt is considered to be the major cause of stroke. People who have migraine problem should not consume excessive salt especially as it can increase the risk of stroke.

High Blood Pressure

The first medical condition that you can fall into is the problem of high blood pressure. It is also known as Hypertension and thousands of people die in India every year due to it. Blood pressure increases directly due to excessive intake of salt. So do not eat too much salt and avoid the problem of high blood pressure.


The problem of headache has become a common in today’s time, which can be treated mostly by domestic methods. Let me tell you here that the intake of salt in excess is also considered to be the main cause of headache. Due to the slight negligence in it, it can also take the form of migraine, which is a terrible condition of headache. Therefore, people who have headache problem, they should take limited amount of salt.

Kidney Stone

Kidney stones arise after a variety of medical conditions. Through urine, if we do, then it starts collecting in our kidneys in the form of crystals. This problem can arise due to excessive intake of salt. At the same time, people who already have kidney stone problems, they should definitely consume only a limited amount.

To avoid health risks due to excessive intake of salt, you should consume only and only 5 grams of salt in a day. Actually, the intake of salt in excess will make you very easily victim of many diseases mentioned above. According to the doctors, they also say that the intake of more than 5 grams a day should be avoided.

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