Samsung Security Flaws Allowed Hacking Since 2014

Samsung has recently started releasing the latest May security patches in its flagship devices. The latest patch in the Samsung Galaxy S20 has already been released before Google’s introduction. Information about the latest software update has been given in the official log on Samsung’s website.

With the latest security patch, 19 flaws found in Samsung’s own software and 9 critical flaws found in Android have been removed. One must know that out of these 19 flaws found in Samsung phones, there is a big bug which has been seen in all Galaxy smartphones since 2014. This means that the company’s old smartphones such as Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 are also struggling with this kind of problem.

The Google Project Zero research team has detected a flaw that may have interfered with Qmage implementation on Samsung smartphones. It is possible to gain access to the Android operating system (Skia) library using zero-click vulnerability.

The operating system files are accessed by sending an MMS message. 50 to 300 MMS needs to be sent to locate the Android operating system library on Galaxy devices. This message uses .qmg files. Once the attacker has found the location of the Skia, bypassing the Android’s ASLR protection, it may transfer and execute its code on the device.

With the launch of the security patch released in May, Samsung has officially fixed this bug that has been around for the last 6 years. The current latest patch has been rolled out in Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy A50.

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