Now education system’s turn : in west Bengal’s Purulia scam came in light in P. B. S. S. M.


Nearly 2500 staffs belonging to the Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya ( KGBV ) have been deprived from their rights, ever since 2007. Inspite, of providing an indefatigable dedication to this project from the very beginning they haven’t received an adequate amount of salary ,in order to fulfill the basic necessities.

The state project director of the P. B. S. S. M ( Paschim Banga Sarva Shiksha Mission ) had raised their salary on the 6th of July ,2010. However, it wasn’t sufficient for them to sustain themselves. Further, we were assured that we will given new orders regarding this matter. Although, any such information hasn’t been provided to us yet.
Presently, the staffs are working under a project controlled both by the Central Government and West Bengal State government, names “ Sarva Sikhsa Mission ”. In 2007, the project was started for helping the minority students who come from backgrounds which aren’t financially competent to afford a proper education. The project aims to provide students from classes 5 to 8 their fundamental right to education as well as food, clothing , medical treatment, and other facilities. The hostels have proper arrangements for security purposes. Employment of a Cook, warden, assistant warden, accountant, security guard etc , is also another essential element of the project. In West Bengal there are about 92 such schools in which 2500 staffs work on a daily basis. Regrettably, the staffs of P. B. S. S. M. are paid a minimum of ₹ 2100 and maximum 5000 per month, by which they can’t maintain their daily lifestyle. The authorises also follow a, “No work, No Pay” policy and their remuneration which is already meagre in nature get reduced on days when they are absent. They don’t have the facility of extra holidays, and not even a maternity leave. Since, the staffs spend majority of their time with the students their children are neglected from the care they absolutely deserve.

During 2010 – 2011, when the UPA government and the former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh governed the nation, he had ordered to increase their salaries, and eventually their salaries had a ₹525 increase. But, during 2014 – 2015, mr. modi’s tenure, sufficient amount of remuneration hasn’t be provided in the state of West Bengal. Having said that, let me bring this to your kind attention that the other states provide their staff a minimum of 200 / day and a maximum of 12,000 / month.
I would like you to go through the following financial statistics of the remuneration.
Warden – 170/ day
Assistant warden – 150/ day
Accountant – 150/ day
Cook – 135 / day
Peon – 131 / day
Night guard – 131 / day
Sweeper – 68 / day
Private tutor – 2000 / month
Vocational teacher – 2000/ month
This is a mutual problem of the workers, thus , they are trying to contact with the state government through their Union. They have showed team InFeed the receipt copy of the Nabanna(CM office) ; Raj Bhavan ( Governor office ) and also the duplicate copy of letter received by education minister. A KGBV staff Anirban Roy have told us that, “We don’t want a break but we should be paid a self sufficient remuneration for living. Give us the maximum possible”

The following are the demands of the staffs :
1) Monthly salary should be raised from a minimum of 7000 to a maximum of 15000
2) Start a festival allowance.
3) There shouldn’t be any discrimination with regards to the time taken in the job.
4) Permanent appointment in posts, which are permanent in nature.
5) Fixation of pay structure in specific posts( in accordance with government declared)
6) Appointment of empanelled deserving candidates
7) The revenue and expenditure calculations should be properly managed.
8 ) Avoid the task of checking other school examination paper for free.
9) Any unnecessary intimidation shouldn’t be shown because of temporary employment.
10) No work no pay policy must to be cancelled.

We look forward to a positive response from you. We hope you will look into this matter, and take necessary action to resolve this issue.

Disclaimer :- This post is independently published by the author. Infeed neither backs nor assumes liability for the opinions put forth by the author.

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