MP political crisis : Rebel Congress MLA hold press conference in Banglore


In the midst of the political stir in Madhya Pradesh, the rebel Congress MLA present in Bangalore press conference said that no one has taken him hostage. They have come to Bangalore on his own free will. Rebel MLAs said in the conference that we are not happy with the functioning of the Kamal Nath government. We are all MLAs together. 22 MLAs are present in this press conference. Why only six were approved when everyone resigned.

Rebel MLAs said, ‘We had to leave in compulsion. We are not hostages, have come here of our own volition. Attack on Scindia, how are we safe? All of us should have central security. All of us together formed a government in Madhya Pradesh. The Chief Minister does not have time to listen to us. We are considering joining the BJP. MP has powerful officers from ministers, MLAs. We have not got justice. The state is running the biggest mafia.

Rebel Congress MLA and former cabinet minister Govind Singh Rajput said, Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia were two faces for the Chief Minister in the state. This entire state knows that Scindia ji had an important role in the formation of Madhya Pradesh government. Instead of making Scindia ji the Chief Minister, we made Kamal Nath, we thought that everything would be fine, but it did not happen.

He said, ‘The behavior we saw of Kamal Nath ji while I was a minister, can say that he never heard us peacefully even for 15 minutes. We have come here on our own free will. There is nothing that is being said in the media that we are hostages here. When a big leader like Scindia can be attacked, how can we remain safe in Madhya Pradesh. So we MLAs are here in Bangalore.

Rebel Congress MLA Imrati Devi said, ‘Jyotiraditya Scindia is our leader. They have taught us a lot. I will always be with them even if I have to jump in the well. ‘

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