Krejiwal with Ganesh-Lakshmi portraits


At present, currency with Mahatma Gandhi’s image is in circulation in India. After independence, notes with Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait have been circulated since 1969 till date. RBI ex Governor Raghu Ram Rajan had said in an interaction in Mumbai that having the photo of Mahatma Gandhi, the iconic politician of the country, the iconic freedom fighter of the country, is a tribute to the iconic personality of India.

In 2014 a request was submitted to the government that photographs of several national leaders should be printed on currency. There were requests that Dr BR Ambedkar,Rabindranath Tagore ,Abdul Kalam Azad ,Sri Shivaji, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose ,Tipu Sultan portraits should be on currencies.
Arun Jatli, who was the Finance Minister of India at that time, had explained in the Parliament that RBI did not agree to the idea of ​​depicting any national leader on the notes.
Under Section 25 of the RBI Act, the central government takes a decision on the recommendations of the central board regarding the design of bank notes and photos.
But recently, a new idea of ​​New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kregiiwal ‘s statement that the photo of Mahatma Gandhi should be placed on one side of the currency note and the photo of Lakshmir and Ganesha on the other side is being analyzed by lots In social media lots of scrolling to the issue can be seen. Moreover, in Indonesia, which has a Muslim population of 87%, printed a currency note with Ganapati’s photo is something that is given today for a statement or request. When the resistance increased, it was seen that the decision to cancel the Indonesian “Bank Indonesia” was taken.

Arvind Kejriwal’s letter to the Prime Minister regarding the printing of Lakshmi Ganesha’s photo on the currency has been proven to be genuine hypocrisy,
After all, we need to understand what is the inner meaning of Arvind Krejewal, who has made a plea that if the photo of Ganesha-Lakshmi is installed with Mahatma Gandhi, the financial system will be better.
With elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh coming up, a political shrewdness in trying to woo the BJP’s votes cannot be misplaced.
It is not an exaggeration to say that the BJP has a fixed number of staunch Hindutva votes.
It seems that he is trying hard to show that he is also a Hindu by submitting this petition so that he should not be labeled as anti-Hindu in the next election.

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