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Leaders of Indian origin are working in many award positions in many countries of the world. The recent appointment of Rushi Sunak is giving rise to a huge debate. Rishi Sunak, the son-in-law of Narayan Murthy, the son of the original resident of Pakistan, which was in the Indian subcontinent at that time, has seen the eyes of cannons to correct the stumbling financial system of England.

Rushi Sunak
He has assumed power as the 57th Prime Minister, India’s relationship with India’s soil is behind it. We praise him for the same reason. He is a British citizen of Indian origin who found hope for the orderly people of the financial chaos in England because of that caliber of one of them. A wish that the financial system of the derailed order can be put in order.
It can be seen that the Indian media is only portraying that the Indian has held the highest position in the world.
But this is not true, we can see that in many parts of the world, Indian citizens of Indian origin of the then Indian continent went to settle elsewhere and their children are in power, some of them prominent.

Halima Yahoob
His father of Indian origin migrated to Singapore. Aleema, who grew up in extreme poverty as a mother from Singapore, grew up as a lawyer and later entered politics and was elected unopposed as the President of Singapore in 2017. She has served as the President of Singapore.

Kamala Harris
The world’s big brother has held the position of vice president as a candidate for the presidency of the United States Kamala Harris, the daughter of an Indian-origin couple, is ruling the country by winning the vice-president post from the Democratic Party.
Pravindra Jugannath
Since 2017, he has been the Prime Minister of Mauritius and has been ruling the country.

Antonio Costa
He belongs to the Ahir family, the son of the French Prime Minister of Indian origin. He was honored with the prestigious award “Public Service” by the Central Government of India in recognition of his services.

Prithvi raj Singh Roopan
Arya Samaj, who has been the national president since 2019, is the seventh president of Mauritius, which belongs to the Indian nation.
Muhammad Irfan Ali
The national president of Guyana, Mohammad Irfan Ali, is the 9th president of Dhyana, the son of a Muslim family born in a Muslim family of Indian origin.

It is good news for us Indians that he is holding and holding many prestigious posts, Hindus and Muslims are feeling good in many countries.
India is also a symbol of spirituality.
The people of the country are waiting for a change in the mind of some right-wing people. The recent statement of the former finance minister of the country P Chidambaram deserves welcome. He felt that this statement was indirectly aimed at the BJP and some Sangees. Congress leader Shashitarur has also given his support to this, it is true that India is behind in minority holding high positions in India at a time when there are many leaders of Indian origin in other countries who are of different religions and of different races. The national leader said that it is unfortunate that there is such a situation in India fighting against divisive laws like NRC and CAA.
Let’s hope that in the coming days some right-wing people will think about the country and realize that like other countries, the desire for our country’s economy and country to continue is there in all religions and all races.

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