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Karnataka’s Ex-Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy says it is an Emergency-like situation in India.

HD Kumaraswamy

Karnataka’s Ex-Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy created a storm with his new controversial statement and said that country is facing an undeclared emergency-like situation. He raised serious questions pertaining to the donation being collected by various organizations in the name of building Ram temple.

Citing his sources, he said on TV9 interview that in Shimoga city people collecting funds are marking houses. Drawing a strong comparison with similar practices done by the Nazis in Germany.

Going further he also said that RSS was founded during the time when the Nazi party in Germany was founded. Raising his concerns, he said the fundamental rights of people will be snatched if RSS implements policies adopted by Nazis.

“Historians say that RSS took birth at the same time when the Nazi Party was founded in Germany. There are concerns about what will happen if the RSS tries to implement similar policies adopted by the Nazis. The fundamental rights of people are being snatched away in the country now..”

Raising his concern about the current situation, he said is alarming and one cannot express it freely which is nothing but an undeclared emergency. Holding concerns about media supporting governments views, he said It will be very difficult to guess the fate of the common man.

With strong backslash from RW groups, Kumaraswamy responded to questions from TV9 Kannada

He said that “He is not against building Ram temple and nor he is against collecting donations for building Ram temple, but he said the government should create transparency and restrict people from collecting donation. There are so many NGOs collecting funds who have authorized them and who will be auditing these organizations. He said poor people from villages donate their hard-earned money and it is said until now they have collected 100 crores. Where is this number coming from and who will account for these collections?

These people are marking houses with stickers for those who have paid and building pressure for people who have not donated. He further said they this will be creating terror in the common man.

Replying to Kumaraswamy, Rashtriya Hindu Sena chief Pramod Mhutalik said that these stickers are applied with permission from the house owners and this will encourage other people as well.

Kumaraswamy said that If Government doesn’t take action against such people it will send a wrong message and requested people not to misuse Lord Ram’s name.

RSS responded by saying “HDK’s comments do not qualify for any response”

Speaking to NDTV JDS spokesperson Naseer Ustad he said that local BJP leaders are moving from door to door for funds collection and classifying people based on donation, this will generate a list of people supporting RSS, and those people not donating will be labelled as against RSS.

Reacting to Mr Hussain’s claim BJP leader Vaman Acharya said that there is no such marking happening and he said even many Muslim people are a donation for the construction of Ram temple. He refused Kumaraswamy’s statement stating it is misleading. 

It is interesting to note that this statement comes after backlash from the minority community against  HD Kumaraswamy’s party Janta Dal secular for supporting anti-cow slaughter bill in Karnataka Legislative council which was proposed by the BJP government. It was alleged that Janta Dal supported the anti-cow slaughter bill to get the council chairman’s post. After the bill’s successfully passed in council, Basavaraj Horatti of JDS was unanimously elected chairman of the council.

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