IOC considering to postpone Tokyo Olympics


The IOC will decide on the Tokyo postponement within 4 weeks, while Canada has clearly stated that it will not send its team to these games. The IOC will take the decision by talking to the Government of Japan, global sports officials, broadcasters and sponsors. The Olympics was supposed to begin on July 24.

IOC President Thomas Bak has written a letter to the players explaining why this decision is taking so long. He wrote, ‘I know that in this unprecedented situation there will be many questions in your mind. I know that you will not feel that kind of practical attitude in this emotional time. ‘

Meanwhile, President of World Athletics, Sebastian Koo, has written a letter to Bak, saying that it is neither possible nor appropriate to do the Olympics in July. Koo said, “Nobody wants the Olympics to be postponed, but we cannot have a game at the expense of the safety of the players.”

The Canada Olympic Committee said it would not send its players to the Olympics this year and the games should be postponed for at least a year. It said in a statement, ‘The decision on the Olympics should come immediately. It is also not safe for players to practice at such a time.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also asked the IOC to take a quick decision on this. The IOC has been consistently saying that the games will start from July 24, although tournaments have been canceled around the world due to COVID- 19.

Following condemnation from all around, the IOC finally accepted that the possibility of postponing the Olympics could be considered. The Olympic Committee of Brazil and Slovenia have also said that under these circumstances they cannot send their players for the Olympics.


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