India-China Commander Level Talks Again


The meeting between the two sides is going to take place again today over the ongoing border dispute between India and China in East Ladakh. The Corps Commander-level talks will discuss the withdrawal of Chinese troops from the Finger Area of ​​Ladakh.

This dialogue between Indo-Chinese military officials will begin at 11 am in Moldo on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Sources in the Indian Army said that the entire focus of the Indian side will be on reversing the Chinese mobilization from the finger area.

Recently, due to the ongoing negotiations in the two countries, the Chinese army had pulled back from the patrolling points 14, 15 and 17. This took place under an agreement on the disengagement process between the two countries. Sources had said, “As a result of the ongoing dialogue between India and China at the military and diplomatic level, the forces have completely retreated at the patrolling points 14, 15 and 17”.

At the same time, army sources said that four divisions of the army stationed in eastern Ladakh will not be called back. Their deployment will continue on the front fronts in Ladakh. There are about 32 thousand soldiers in these four divisions. These divisions were sent there in addition to the troops already deployed in that area.

Sources had said that there are several reasons for this. One, Chinese forces have retreated from a number of areas of confrontation on the LAC. But they still exist in many places. Secondly, Chinese forces are present in the adjacent areas of LAC (towards China) whose number is estimated to be more than 20 thousand. Thirdly, just as from May to now, the entire attitude of China has been in this matter, that is, it repeatedly agrees to retreat but later retracts.

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