IIT Roorkee Scientist made COVID-19 tracker mobile app


In order to alert Corona, Professor Kamal Jain of IIT’s civil engineering department has created COVID-19 Tracer mobile app. Through this, it will be possible to know how far the suspected or infected patient of Corona is from you.

The app will also tell whether the Quarantine person crossed the ‘Boundary Line’. Professor  Kamal Jain told that GPS tag i.e. collar is placed in the person’s body abroad. As an alternative, an app has been designed to alert individuals from quarantined or isolated people via mobile.

After feeding the data of the suspect, the location of the suspect will be found in this app prepared through GPS technology. It will also be known that the suspect is not meeting anyone. In a time period, along with the alert through SMS, the location message will also be received.

If GPS is not activated, this app will trace with the help of mobile tower. If the internet does not work, the address of that place will be found through SMS. An instant alert will be issued when the app is closed. The person’s place address can be obtained by sending an SMS to the device.

Apart from this, this app for quarantine management will help in eliminating congestion at any place by giving alerts. The complete movement history of any person can be obtained during live tracking. The app includes multi-camera support, surveillance magnetic device, high time and preset auto camera click features.

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