Don’t Make Excuse in the Name of Rahul-Sonia


Nirmala Sitharaman says that if Rahul Gandhi wanted to help the laborers, then he should have carried the goods of the workers and walk with them for some distance. Then they would have been helped, rather than only wasting their time by sitting on the road and talking’. Nirmala has appealed to Sonia and Rahul to get trains run for laborers.

Did Nirmala Sitharaman give any advice to her colleagues in the cabinet who were spotted watching television or playing Antakshari? Why couldn’t she advise her own party colleagues who were busy celebrating completion of six years in office, just a day ago while the migrants were dying in various incidents?

If the finance minister thinks that talking to the people wastes their time, what she has been doing since past six days? Can’t she make the entire announcement in just one go instead of keeping the media buzzing every day just to gain the TRP?

From her statements, it seems that the government does not want to waste the workers’ time, so it’s trying to ruin their lives. They are saying that like all the ministers of the government and they themselves have returned from leaving Odisha and Jharkhand after loading the bundle of workers of Delhi.

She is saying as if all the ministers of the government including her, have returned from Odisha and Jharkhand, after travelling hundreds of kilometers with their migrant workers, carrying their belongings over their head.

What will the government do if Sonia and Rahul run the train? Is their job just to sell the PSUs one by one? Who is responsible for running the trains; the Railway Ministry or Sonia Gandhi?

One may say tomorrow that Nehru, Sonia and Rahul together did not allow the workers to help. They kept the entire government hostage for three months, otherwise we could have done great service to the laborers and the poor.

Such statements are the result of arrogance. When the power goes into the head, then the senses stop working. They stop seeing from their eyes, hearing from ears. The brain does not work. Meat rises in the eye, even dying people are not seen. Only one’s ego drips from the tongue.

But the people are also watching the limits of cruelty being crossed. Proponents may call it as another masterstroke, but those families which have lost a loved one, who are walking thousands of kilometers, have understood what the government is doing since past six years. Those who are left will also know it very soon.

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