Disinfectant Spray Doesn’t Kill Virus – WHO


Geneva| Coronavirus, spread across the world from China (China), is fast catching people. While avoiding the infection of Corona virus, doctors and scientists are busy preparing the vaccine one day and night. At the same time, an attempt is being made to eliminate the effect of Corona by spraying virus disinfectant. However, these efforts of the government have been completely rejected by the World Health Organization. WHO says that disinfectants done in the streets do not eliminate corona virus. WHO says that disinfectants done in the streets do not eliminate corona virus. The WHO said that it adversely affects people’s health.

Special attention has also been given to cleanliness to eliminate the infection of corona virus. This is the reason why governments around the world started spraying disinfectants to eliminate the infection of the corona virus that lives on the surface. Now the World Health Organization has said that this spraying is not going to have any effect. The WHO said that there was never any suggestion of spraying disinfectants outside the house, in the streets and markets to eliminate the corona virus.

On behalf of the World Health Organization, it was said that disinfectant spraying can have serious consequences on the health of people. The WHO report states that disinfectants should not be sprayed on people under any circumstances. Spraying chlorine and other toxic chemicals can cause eye irritation and breathing problems that can spoil anyone’s health.

With this, the WHO has objected to spraying of disinfectants inside the house. The WHO has said that if the disinfectant is to be used, the surface can be cleaned by soaking a cloth in it. It is important that the corona virus can remain on the surface for a long time, due to which people can become infected with the corona.

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