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Delhi : The City of Journeys

Delhi Love

Dear Delhi,

They say we value the things only after they have left and maybe today, when rain hits my window pane- I sit here holding the moments of your muddy lanes in the sleeves of my memories. Crumbling through the dirty lanes of Satya Niketan and an over crowded CP, I sit here in the comfort of my room- peacefully not so peaceful.

The chaos of loud horns, standing in the balcony and looking at Maggie bhaiya fighting with the angry Uncle, with no more oily food and spicy fights to my everyday routines.

I don’t know when did I fall in love with you! I told myself not to, it will break my heart when you leave or maybe, when we left. I guess sometime between walking in the shaddy lights of Lodhi Garden to eating Chuski in India Gate, momos in South Ex to Sudama Chai in north campus- everything and nothing is the bond that we made.

The comfort of dozing off during the long lectures at Constitution club to running across the road for a Masala dosa at INS, from strokes of colours in festival of paintings at Indian Habitat Centre to my lonely affairs of a boring day at India International Centre.

I spend most of time looking for courage in the doomed hopes, I sip the bad coffee I haven’t yet learned to make. Bed is clean, I did wash the sheets few weeks ago, Mumma must see how well I manage all alone!

“I don’t know” has always been my mood ever since I came here, stepped into living all alone. I feel lonely, scared and responsible but the city never left me on my own. It befriended me with solitude & courageous, when everything is uncertain-my Delhi remains certain.

Today, my heart skips a beat when I wonder will my Delhi be same ever again? Will I be able to gaze through those drowsy eyes of wrinkles faces telling me thousand stories of the granny who used to sit and feel the warmth of the sun on December days, will the rising slogans of elections echo through the streets of change, will those afternoon adda post the college miss us. I fear, my Delhi won’t be the same again.

Dearest Delhi, for dreamers and lovers, for poets and wanders, you are not just another city but an emotion. We will map our miseries through your lanes and sooner or later we will rise to our destiny-we will walk some miles to find back lost roads from the city of journeys.

Till then, take care!

A Non- Delhiite who fell in love with you.


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