Covid Cases Cross 400 Million Globally


The corona virus worldwide has been confirmed by the global epidemic so far, the number of people has crossed 400 million on Monday. US-based Johns Hopkins University gave this information.

The number of people actually infected with Covid-19 worldwide is likely to be even higher, as there is a lack of investigation, many people do not have signs of infection and some governments have concealed the true number of cases. So far, 11 lakh people have been confirmed dead due to this infection. The United States, Brazil and India have reported the highest number of infections, but in recent weeks, infections have increased rapidly in Europe.

Here, India seems to be getting a sigh of relief from Corona. In fact, every day fresh cases are coming down in the country. In India, the total figure has crossed 7.5 million with 55,722 new corona cases and 579 deaths in the last 24 hours. At present the total cases are at 75,50,273 including 7,72,055 active cases, 66,63,608 cured and 1,14,610 deaths.

Continuous relief is being reported about the Corona virus. In countries around the world affected by the global pandemic Covid-19, India is the second most affected country after Corona virus, but it is reassuring that it is the average cases of corona infection per million population

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