Corona Antibodies Reduces to Half in 73 Days


On one hand, while the cases of corona virus are increasing rapidly, the recovery rate is also better than before. This means that antibodies are being made in the body of most people during treatment and they are now recovering and going back home. But how long they stay in the body, many questions have started to arise. Along with this, people are also fearing that due to the loss of antibodies, there may be a risk of corona virus again.

Now new research has shown that antibodies that fight the corona virus last only a few months in patients with mild symptoms. But this does not mean that along with antibodies, the protection from the body will go away or else an effective vaccine will not be made without it. This study has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

“It is not necessary for the corona virus to become an immunity forever in the body because antibodies are just one part of the process,” said Buddy Creek, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University in the United States.

Doctor Creek says that the immune system remembers how to make new antibodies in the body when needed. Antibodies are proteins that B cells make to kill the virus by binding to it.

On the first infection of the virus, the body is not able to fight it easily, but on the second infection, the immune system of the body is fully trained to deal with it and produces better antibodies than before.

During the research, University of California doctor Otto Yang and his other colleagues found better antibodies than before in 30 patients with COVID-19. The average age of all these patients was 43 years and most of these people had mild symptoms of corona.

Researchers found that antibodies are halved in 73 days. This study matches the previous report in China which said that antibodies in the body are rapidly neutralizing.

Doctor Creek says this is true but other parts of the immune system also help provide protection. In addition to making antibodies, B cells also develop a memory so that they can know how to fight the virus when needed. He added that T-cells are also able to combat it better when the virus strikes again.

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