Congress Respects All Religion and So For Lord Ram : Bharat Mali


Congress has not been against the construction of Ram Temple ever since the issue came into picture. It was the other parties who have created the picture of Congress being against the construction of Ram Temple. It was Congress which laid the foundation of Ram temple issue way back in 1948 and then Late Shri Rajeev Gandhi opened the locks of Ram Janmabhoomi.

The above thoughts were mentioned by the Social Media incharge of Daman and Diu Indian Youth Congress Bharat Mali. Talking extensively over the issue he said that there is no point to differ that in today’s scenario religion cannot be separated from politics. Ram Mandir is the key issue on which elections have been fought over the decades. While BJP is trying to gain out of this issue, it was Rajeev Gandhi who laid the foundation of Ram Temple and started worship at the site.

Speaking over the issue of Rajasthan, Bharat Mali said that it had become the custom of BJP to bring down the constitutionally elected government since the past couple of years.

Despite the people of the country giving a majority to the opposition parties, the BJP is doing a disgusting task of toppling the government of the opposition parties by horse-trading and adopting a dictatorial attitude.
First of all, he did the fall of the government elected by the people in Karnataka, then he did the same in Madhya Pradesh and now in Rajasthan also the BJP government is trying its best to topple the government elected by the people. We won’t tolerate it at all.

Speaking about the upcoming elections in Bihar, Bharat said that the people of Bihar are fed up of all the tall promises of Nitish Kumar and want change. Congress is fully prepared for the elections and will bring out the change in Bihar.

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