China Launches Corona Vaccine Officially


China has officially launched the Covid-19 vaccine. China’s official newspaper Global Times claimed that the Covid-19 vaccine has been launched. However it is for emergency use. This is the same vaccine whose clinical trial was done on 22 July. Earlier, a Chinese mining company in Papua New Guinea claimed to have increased the immunity of employees against Covid-19 in its vaccination trial.

This report has also been published in a newspaper named ‘The Australian’ on Friday. According to the report, Health Minister Zelta Wong of Papua Guinea said that the Ministry of Health is investigating this claim of Mining Company (Ramu Nico Management). Much controversy has arisen regarding this.

‘National Pandemic Response Controller’ David Manning had on Thursday banned the trial or testing of the Covid-19 vaccine in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Manning said in its statement on Friday, ‘Any vaccine imported into PNG needs approval from the National Health Department. The vaccine must pass through all the necessary steps, protocols and procedures of the trial. Also, she should be pre-qualified with WHO (World Health Organization).

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