China Increases Its Activities Along LAC


Indian forces in Ladakh are monitoring every movement of China and are ready for any retaliation by the enemy. Defense sources gave this information. The Army and Air Force have made all kinds of preparations to deal with any threat. These include additional deployment of security forces, rehearsals, deployment and monitoring of Air Force aircraft and measures to neutralize any attack by an enemy.

Army sources have confirmed an increase in defense preparedness on the LAC, but it has been said to be in keeping with the increasing military mobilization from China and the suspected activities of the Chinese Air Force. Although the two countries have agreed to reduce tensions and retreat in the conflict zones, the Chinese military near LAC has raised doubts over its intention to deploy more.

Defense expert Lieutenant General (retd) Rajendra Singh said that the situation on LAC is full of tension and the way China has taken an aggressive stand from the beginning, its military presence is more than there, due to which the Indian Army needs to prepare itself. He said that China’s stand has been aggressive in this entire episode, so our stand should be strict and a clear message should be sent to China that India is ready to give it a befitting reply.

Three Chinese airbases in Tibet, near LAC, have been witnessing frequent activities. His helicopters and aircraft have also been seen close to the LSC. There is also news that China has built helipads in many places near LAC. Although these are made by China in their region, but they are made recently. Some of these helipads are after the deadlock. Similarly, in many places military structures have also seen a sudden increase.

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