That leaves you with the problems every friend goes through when their best friend starts dating. And you’ll only wonder if you are ever going to hang out again with your friend.

Here are the 5 problems that you have to face, when your best friend starts dating.

1. Never ending stories of their amazing date

Alright, so your friend went out on a date with this new girl, the other night. You are happy for your friend but only until they start talking about their amazing date. This one is a serious dating problem that you have to deal with even without dating someone.

Every date has the same story, everything went well and they both were happy and blah, blah, blah.

2. Don’t agree, But you’ll start to hate your friend’s date

Come on, it is not your fault, you don’t have to feel guilty for the gruesome thoughts you get in your head. It is bound to happen as you’ll feel like she/he is taking your friend away from you. Your friend has stopped taking part in all your weekend rituals.

You know they are moving away from you (maybe not intentionally) and the reason is their new love, who you absolutely hate.

3. Being the third wheel is the worst

There can be exceptions but I don’t want to join them on their date every now and then. But your friends still haven’t forgotten about you, they are trying to include you and their new love into their life at the same time. For your friend, there is nothing wrong being a third wheel.

But you know the reality, you know how it feels when you see your friend (bhai) saying words like baby, babe and babu. Not just this but their hormones can’t wait until they get back home. They start kissing in the cab, restaurant while talking to you and even in your dream.

4. The inside jokes

Remember the college days, and how your inside jokes helped you to get through all those boring lectures. Well, things have changed now, as you are no longer part of the inside jokes that your friend and their cutiepie make on the dinner night. I know your heart must be felt crushed. You’ll feel like your friendship has almost come to its end.

But don’t lose hope so soon because nowadays your data pack lasts longer than the modern days relationship.

5. They might think you are jealous

Don’t worry, they can’t see the reality, they are in love and love is blind. They can’t see that you are not jealous to see them happy but you are jealous because you have almost lost your friend. People will misjudge you, no one knows your pain. No one knows how you felt to sit alone in a football field, with an empty seat by your side. As your friend ditched you at the last moment.

Though, they also don’t know, you meet a new girl during the football match. She lost the track of your seat and now you know you are not forever alone or jealous. (lol)

In Conclusion:

Your friends are not just your friend. They are like your family and sometimes even more than that. Which means you can’t lose your friend so easily. They might be happy with their new love at the moment but they’ll come back to you once their heart gets broken.

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