We Will Resolve Indo-China Border Issue : Amit Shah


Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Sunday that talks are going on at the diplomatic and military level with China over the current border dispute and they hope that the issue will be resolved. At the same time, in a clear warning to Pakistan, Amit Shah said that India will not tolerate any violation on its borders and such steps will be given a fair response.

He said in an interview with a TV channel, “Dialogues are going on at the diplomatic and military level right now and I am confident that this issue will be resolved.” The border dispute with China in Shah Ladakh and some other areas and the two countries He was answering a question asked about the video and photographs of the skirmishes between the soldiers. The Home Minister said that the Narendra Modi government will not allow its international borders to weaken and will take all steps to protect the sovereignty of the country.

‘We will give a befitting reply’

When asked about Pakistan’s antics on the border, Shah said that India has never adopted an expansionary policy but would not tolerate any violation on its borders. Shah said, “If anyone tries to do this, we will give a befitting reply.” It is our duty and responsibility.

Referring to the ongoing fight against Kovid-19, the Home Minister said that the Modi government has been successful in combating the outbreak of this epidemic. He said, “It is not known how long the vaccines and medicine will come. How long will people stay in their homes? I can say that the fight against India and Narendra Modi’s Covid-19 has been successful so far.” Shah said that the whole country is fighting together and with one aim, so the fight against the corona virus has been successful.

The Home Minister said that the Central Government, the Prime Minister and he himself were saddened that some migrant laborers had to go on foot while arrangements were being made for their transport. He said, “It may have been due to miscommunication or lack of awareness. But I want to say that about 4,000 labor special trains were run by the railway, which has traveled more than 5 million people to their homes. Apart from this, around 40 lakh people used buses to reach their destinations.

Shah said, “I want to congratulate the railways that despite not being a route driver, they managed to run so many labor trains”. Asked about West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee criticizing the central government policies On leaving, Shah said that whether the fight against the corona virus or dealing with the cyclone, things were not in the right shape in West Bengal. He said, “One thing is certain that the BJP will form the government in West Bengal in the coming days. The people of Bengal are waiting for change

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