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The Congress Seva Dal under the leadership of Subhash Babu and Praveen Kumar is also making a strong presence on social media. States social media teams have been built in many states!!

The Congress Seva Dal is one of the oldest leading organizations of the Indian National Congress, which is reviving its structure on social media.

Leaping from its traditional social work and grassroots politics, the Congress Seva Dal is working in a better way by building an in-house campaign team of professionals and political advisors. While their traditional way of social work will continue, the Congress’ leading organization is working on bringing together its online and offline efforts to reach a larger section of society.

The idea is to integrate online and offline campaigns in real-time, to bring about changes that matter on the ground, as well as those who are spending time on social media. Seva Dal has been highlighting issues of jobs, price rise, unemployment, economic slowdown and communal conflict on social media from time to time.

As far as online campaigns are concerned, Congress Seva Dal’s social media team is one of the most active teams, working on all social media platforms for the party. The national team is headed by Subhash Babu and Praveen Kumar. The next level hierarchies are the zonal teams, the central zone is headed by Mukesh Pandey, the East zone by Arijit Mukherjee, and the South Zone by Arjun Gowda.

State teams have been set up across the country under the supervision of national teams and regional teams, whose responsibility is to bring national issues as well as local issues of each state. The next level of hierarchy for state-wise Seva Dal social media teams is as follows:

National Advisor Communication and Social Media: – Deepali Sikand
National Coordinator: Subash Babu
National Joint Coordinator: Praveen Kumar

Central Zone: – Mukesh Pandey
East Zone: – Arijit Mukherjee
South Zone: – Arjun Gowda

Delhi – Dinesh Kumar, Ashish Shrivastava
Rajasthan – Anurag Ojha and Anurag Dadhich
Punjab – Ramandeep Singh, Sanjeev Manan
Madhya Pradesh – Madhav Mantri
Chhattisgarh – Sagar Solanki
Maharashtra – Sariputra Salve
Orissa – Mukesh Aggarwal
Mumbai – Mukesh Gupta and Christopher Chandanshiv
West Bengal – Arijit Mukherjee
Nagaland – Jack
Kerala – Ajzal Munim and Joshi Xavier
Karnataka: Arjun Gowda
Goa – Vansh Sharma
Gujarat – Pooja Acharya
Bihar – Mukesh Pandey, Amit Chaudhary
Manipur: – Sialo Sumalilal Amol
Assam: – Rizwan Hazarika
Daman and Diu: – Bharat Mali
Creative & Graphic Coordinator – Ashish

The team organization follows a tree structure with about 5 to 7 people at each level from the center to the state, district and then finally to the booth level. Congress Seva Dal is working on a structure for booth workers to hold door-to-door dialogue with voters, which will be piloted in the upcoming Delhi and Jharkhand elections.

National Coordinators Subhash Babu and Praveen Kumar said in a talk, “The social media team will help put together a campaign that aims to create public outreach for the cadre with accountability; In short, to hold onto your skills to contest modern elections. “

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