Congress Party ran the #SpeakUpToSaveLives campaign on Social Media: Demanding uninterrupted supply of oxygen and free vaccines for all.


Today the Congress Party started the #SpeakUpToSaveLives campaign on Social media platforms demanding uninterrupted supply of Oxygen and Free vaccines for all, It has been seen that the past few weeks have been extremely distressful for India as the Center Government  has abandoned governance in the midst of the worst crisis in India since our independence.

Every day we see heart wrenching reports of people wailing for help as our health infrastructure has collapsed completely. News and Social media have been flooded with photographs of Covid patients gasping for oxygen as the country faces an acute shortage of medical oxygen. Hospitals unable to arrange adequate oxygen supply for the mounting cases. A flurry of SOS messages on Twitter and other social media platforms show the severity of the oxygen shortage in the nation

#SpeakUpToSaveLives : Social Media campaign of Congress Party

During the first wave the lesson learnt was that to therapy with the supply of the oxygen to maintain the oxygen level in the body helps patients with severe COVID getting better and only few of them will be needing the ventilator, Despite of this information the present surge seems to have crumpled the health infrastructure and hence left infected patients gasping for breath  

Instead of working to alleviate people’s suffering, the BJP is suppressing data. Several people have complained that the govt is fudging data and real magnitude of the crisis is being hidden from the people.

The rout of governance is so severe that several people are dying due to lack of basics like medicines and oxygen. To airbrush its image the BJP had exported oxygen and medicines , even as thousands of Indian died – and continue to die everyday.

Why Oxygen and Vaccine is Shortage

Oxygen export data from the Department of Commerce showed that the country exported twice as much oxygen to the world during the first 10 months of FY21 in comparison to the previous financial year.

India had exported 9,301 metric tonnes of oxygen across the world between April 2020 and January 2021. In comparison, the country had exported only 4,502 metric tonnes of oxygen in FY20. 

Oxygen Supply

People are holding the BJP government responsible, There demand is the Oxygen and medicines , not silence from the BJP.

No advance purchase agreements placed with manufacturers and not allowing liquidity to increase production has further augmented the issues of shortage of vaccines to immunize the national population. Even though the Serum Institute of India (SII) has already offered 10 crore shots at discounted rate for domestic use, the government fell short in placing the advance purchase order, this delay in placing order deferred Serum institute’s plan to ramp up the production and to build up the stocks.

Until March India vaccinated a lesser number of its own people than overseas. By 1st April when the drive was open to vaccinate all above the age of 45, India has exported 6.5 crore of shots.

Meanwhile people also taking Jibe on the ongoing central vista project. Target for the completion of the project can be finalized but no target or planning for saving the lives of the people. Congress party has blamed this as a BJP’s negligence which is taking lives today. Vaccinating all Indians is the only way to control the virus. For decades it has been the responsibility of the central Government to procure and distribute vaccines, which the previous governments were doing in the past.

Shortsightedness and a lack of timely preparation is a big reason for this situation. Each day’s delay could mean that the virus has a chance to mutate and make the current vaccines ineffective.

This Pandemic should be taken up as a challenge and to overcome the same strong planning and strategies is required. People on Twitter also blaming the egoistic over confidence of the PM as he sidelines every warning in race of self praise.

The #SpeakUpToSaveLives was trending in top trend at Twitter for the whole day, this shows the anguish of the people .

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