Nine Healthy Drinks Other Than Water That you should Include In Your Diet


Although water is the most compelling and essential drink which supports every integral part of your health. At times, water is the only liquid which can curb your thirst, as it is the main ingredient which is essential to keep your body hydrated. Enough water consumption is recommended to support the healthy functioning of the human body. There are other drinks other than water, you can also try including certain healthy drinks into your diet which might help in boosting up the energy levels in your body, with the addition of different flavours.

1. Green tea

Health benefits of green tea are well known all around the world. It is full of antioxidants and polyphenols which are believed to be extremely beneficial while treating heart diseases or certain types of cancer. It is also known to be very helpful in the case of high blood pressure levels.

2. Smoothies

Smoothies are nothing but a (DIY) Do-it yourself drink which includes the healthiest fruits and vegetables along with certain grains from your diet. It can also turn out to be tasty when mixing is done in the right amounts.

Some popular smoothie mixes to add to your diet are:

  • Chia seeds, blueberries and cinnamon
  • Flax seeds, oats and peanut butter
  • Orange, carrot and mango
  • Papaya and mango
  • Apple, kale and almonds
  • Ginger, beetroot and apple

3. Coconut water

Coconut water is a very healthy drink compared to other sugary drinks. It is rich in electrolytes like potassium which rehydrates and maintains a normal fluid level in your body. This helps in giving instant energy with no side effects.

4. Cow milk

Including vitamin D rich drinks in your diet, helps you in maintaining the strength in your body. Cow milk is one of the most common milk which increases the vitamin and nutrient content. It should be carefully consumed in cases of allergy from dairy products.

5. Orange juice

One of the most refreshing drinks to add in your diet plan is orange juice. It is full of vitamins and nutrients to maintain a healthy body. It is specifically enriched with vitamin C which helps in providing a glowing skin.

Orange Juice: Orange juice is loaded with vitamin C which can improve your skin health

6. Almond milk

You can switch to almond milk from whole milk if you are conscious about your weight as it contains comparatively fewer calories (about 60% less) and is healthy too.

7. Kombucha

Kombucha drinks are types of probiotic drinks which are made from good bacteria to help your body in its growth and well-functioning. Another beneficial feature of kombucha drinks can be better digestion and absorption of nutrients.

8. Beet juice

Beetroot is known to be amongst the healthiest of vegetables as it helps to increase the blood making capacity. They are also low in calories and are a great source of fibres and vitamin C.

9. Soy milk

Another milk supplement to include is soy milk. It is enriched with proteins, potassium, vitamin K-12 and calcium. It is a great source of advantage for your body and even face, as it raises the estrogenic level which helps to eliminate wrinkles.


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