NIA Team Reaches London to Investigate Attack on Indian Embassy


In March, Khalistan supporters attacked the Indian Embassy in London to protest against the declaration of Khalistan supporter Amritpal as a fugitive in India, and raised anti-national slogans. Now the National Investigation Agency (NIA) team has reached London to investigate the matter.

The team will investigate the attack by Khalistani supporters on the Indian Embassy in London so that the culprits can be severely punished. On March 20, a large number of Khalistani protesters demonstrated at the Indian Embassy and at the same time tried to bring down the tricolor flag, the first symbol of the sovereignty of the Republic of India, by climbing on the roof of the building.

For the past several months, Khalistani sitting abroad have been demanding the formation of a separate Khalistani republic in a province of India. One of them, a member named Amritpal came to India and started doing military conspiracies against the police, the government and the country.

The security agencies activated by his move found him a threat to the sovereignty of the country and started raids to arrest him, but Amritpal managed to escape. After this the government declared him a fugitive and started searching for him.

As soon as action was taken on Amritpal in India, there was panic among the foreign Khalistani supporters sitting abroad who funded him, so he started protesting against India by sitting in front of the embassy. These protesters started agitation in front of the embassy in Australia, Canada, America and London.

After the movement began, some protesters in London attacked the embassy, ​​tried to force their way inside the embassy building, and tried to break the windows and doors there.

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