Modi government and its musclemen


The BJP and Godi media want us to believe in the omnipotence of Modi, as if he is the reason for every win of BJP. But sometimes a crack opens up in this facade and one is able to see the naked truth. The whole Brij Bhushan Singh saga is one such incident. Brij Bhushan Singh is a self professed murderer. He has multiple criminal cases against him, including the attempt to murder. He is also a BJP MP from UP’s Gonda and appointed head of Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) by the Modi govt.

He has been at the centre of a storm where India’s top wrestlers including Olympic and Commonwealth champions have been agitating against him accusing him of sexual harassment of female wrestlers including minors.
But in light of all this, the Modi govt has decided to stick with Brij Bhushan Singh and in doing so has brought international condemnation and ridicule upon itself and India.

Now with the Supreme Court ordering an FIR against the embattled MP, Modi govt has further lost face.
In such a scenario the question arises – Why has the govt not taken a prudent stand, instituted an inquiry and asked the MP to step down from the wrestling federation?
The answer is this – The Modi govt is resting on three legs. The money power of industrialists and the perception management by Godi media is well known to us all, but the third factor that we all tend to overlook is the muscle power of criminal elements in the party and the govt.

And though overlooked this is as important an element as the other two. BJP has the largest number of MPs and MLAs with serious criminal cases lodged against them ranging from, murder, rape, dacoity and even terrorism related charges. Infact Brij Bhushan Singh at one point had a TADA case against him for sheltering shooters of Dawood Ibrahim. This shameless patronage of criminal elements of the party and shielding them and keeping them on constitutional posts even when there are allegations of serious criminal conduct is nothing new for the BJP.

One particular incident that comes to mind is how Ajay Mishra Teni has remained a Union Minister for State in the Home Ministry, even after his son Ashish Mishra killed farmers during a peaceful march and after video of Ajay Mishra threatening farmers while boasting of his own criminal antecedents went viral.
This complete capitulation to criminal elements by the Modi govt doesn’t just show a moral bankruptcy in this govt, but also punctures the media image of Modi as the singular leader in whose name others win elections.

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