Is Modi Govt Afraid of Anti-Government Movement Like Brazil?


Is there a connection between the declining popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the anti-government movement in Brazil? This question is because the Prime Minister’s popularity graph is going downward in the second wave of Corona, while the message is also going to the public that the Modi government did not act responsibly during the Corona crisis. This is also coming to the fore in national and international surveys. This is the reason why for the first time there is widespread concern about the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the BJP and also in the RSS.

This is also because the failure in the war against Corona has become the reason for the anti-government mass movement in many other countries including Brazil.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is targeting the people of his country over Corona’s mismanagement. About four lakh 61 thousand have died here from Corona. In India too, the number of deaths due to corona has crossed three lakh 31 thousand. Senior journalist Abhisar Sharma has also described the situation in Brazil as a warning to the Modi government.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi completed seven years of his tenure just two days ago. His popularity has remained unquestioned in these seven years, but the past seven weeks have proved to be overwhelming over the years of his popularity. There is also talk of the declining popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the international media.

Extremely aggressive election campaigning in West Bengal amid Corona’s second wave affected the Prime Minister’s image. At the same time, there was a ruckus for bed oxygen in the hospital and a large number of deaths due to corona exposed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claims of victory from Corona.

During this, people wandering from one hospital to another for their loved ones were seen cursing the government. These included those who were not only in the forefront of clapping on the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the battle with Corona, but who had donated a large amount to the PM Care Fund. This displeasure has also been expressed in C Voter’s survey.

The question is not only about the decreasing popularity of the Prime Minister. The great thing is that the people of the country are not seeing their future well now. This has come to the fore in a survey conducted by Yashwant Deshmukh, head of C Voter.

Farmers in North India are protesting against the agricultural laws brought by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Sikh community is also seen in opposition to PM Modi. Similarly, the Jat community is also opposing Prime Minister Narendra Modi by tying a turban on his head. Most of the Muslim community of the country is already opposing the NRC.

Similarly, instead of showing seriousness towards the corona epidemic in Uttar Pradesh and North India, the government showed negligence. There was no place for dead bodies in the crematorium and cemetery. The way the pictures of dead bodies are coming out on the banks of the Ganges, the image of BJP’s firebrand Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has also been affected along with the Prime Minister in Uttar Pradesh, which gave BJP the maximum number of Lok Sabha seats. The ongoing political turmoil in Uttar Pradesh shows that even BJP’s central leadership is concerned about the way Yogi Adityanath has handled the Covid pandemic in the state.

The government is not only surrounded by the management of Corona but is also surrounded by questions about rising inflation, the price of petrol and diesel and the economy going to the abyss. Women are angry with the skyrocketing prices of domestic gas cylinders. The Ujjwala scheme, which proved to be a master stroke for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the lower income group, is now backfiring. At the same time, the youth are getting disillusioned with the central government due to the rising figures of unemployment.

On the other hand, the defeat in West Bengal has broken the prime minister’s charismatic image even after the BJP and the Sangh exerted their full force. Mamta Banerjee is now becoming even more powerful-aggressive and giving two or two hands to the central government. At the same time, Mamta Banerjee is also trying to unite the opposition parties against the central government.

In these circumstances, there is a sudden concern among the thinker group of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Sangh that in India, like Brazil and other countries, people do not take to the streets. The policymakers of the Bharatiya Janata Party are worried that if farmers, Sikhs, Jats and Muslim communities come together on the streets in India, then the path to a third term may be difficult for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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