INDIA’S OBSESSION WITH THE SUPERNATURAL: Is it a passing fad, or is it here to stay?, By Debasree Banerjee


The general readers are hereby issued caution that they would find more than an ample amount of satire in this article. Satire read as sarcasm too.

While surfing through the myriad of blogs that somehow manage to crop up on my Facebook feed, I got the good fortune of reading one very relevant piece that asked: ‘Are we running out of festivals to celebrate?’ or something along the line. It battered the wannabe modern millennial crowd that feels celebrating Halloween is being more fashionable (or is Halloween fashion more fashionable, I wonder!) Anyway, the blog was replete with a picture of Goth faced women (and occasional smattering of men) walking in a crowded procession, as if perfectly emulating a scene from ‘Shaun of the Dead’.


The blog was equally comical and relevant, and before I realized, I was laughing so hard that I began hurting my stomach. Imagine standing in an age when we boast of being more westernized, liberal and scientific than ever (although I actually doubt this theory whenever I see people fighting for rights of cows and not lesser animals like goats, pigs and hens, maybe?)
The gamut of recent soaps and movies themed around evil women, who are either form-shifting chudails, or are naagins or are chudails otherwise too (those who’re Ekta Kapoor loyalists may relate with me) have really gotten under my skin.

I mean, what the heck is wrong with us? An occasional film about the paranormal or the supernatural was another thing, but I can see that the more our millennial crowd is basking in the glory of their twenty-first century existence, the choice of viewership is probably moving from bad to worse!
Web series are celebrating their horrible existence too (forgive me for the horrible pun!). Log on to any damn app and you can find a wide array of shows featuring either fear or sex.

While the nationalistic fervour is promoting the churning up of deshbhakti films or avant-garde cinema, where would the aam-aadmi like me find respite? I wonder!
But considering the pros and cons of all forms, I bet the best I can do is still settle down with some popcorn and start try binging on Romeo Akbar Walter instead. Jai Hind!


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