Impact of COVID on Public Transportation


With the ease in lockdown and more people going out for work, there is desperate need of public transportation to be opened. People directly dependent on public transport are suffering a lot. They are forced to use private vehicles which are an excessive burden both on roads as well as their pockets.

How safe is public transport?

Public transportation has a lot of potential risk of infection on trains and buses, that depends on how crowded they are. There is risk of virus spreading is very high is crowded places like bus stands, railway station etc. If an infected person is traveling with other non-infected people he could potentially infect a lot of people.

Also Corona Virus pandemic has affected public transport system economically. With very few movements they can not cover the expense of their trip which will lead to an increase in the cost of the trip that will in turn affect common man.

What is the advice for the passengers?

Don’t travel at peak times, until and unless unavoidable.

Take a less busy route and reduce the number of changes.

Wait for other passengers to get off before boarding.

Follow social distancing norms.

Use hand sanitizers and always wear masks.

Way Forward

We can use this opportunity, to promote more environment-friendly ways of transportation like cycling and walking. This is beneficial for both people and the environment. This will keep the society physically fit. Less vehicle on the roads means less pollution and it also helps people economically as they won’t have to pay for expensive fuel prices for their vehicles. This will eventually promote a more healthy way of lifestyle.

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