Brana Dane exclusively on Infeed : Be conscious of how we are creating our world everyday


Brana Dane is a Superrolemodel, who is an active member of the fashion community and a leader in the model activist group, “Model Mafia”. She has recently been seen hosting for FNL Network on Amazon Prime.

Brana has appeared in numerous publications such as Porter Magazine, Forbes, Vogue Italia and Harper’s Bazaar highlighting her ethical modeling efforts. She has worked for some of the top brands including Maison Margiela, Herno, Samantha Sung, Michael Costello, L’Oreal and more.

Her mission is to inspire others to be true to themselves and follow their own unique path. She has been painting for over a decade and has had recent gallery shows in Chelsea, Tribeca, the Hamptons and Brooklyn – including the Caelum Gallery. She shares her love of art with other models by holding guided art workshops to promote emotional healing and body appreciation.

Brana believes that modeling is just another art form in which she is truly expressing herself authentically. Human understanding and embracing differences in every individual can give the freedom, space and opportunity for grace.


Infeed brings you an exclusive interview of Brana Dane here.


Q.1      What inspired you to be a model? What was your inspiration for this profession and how did you develop these talents?

Brana : The photographer doing my first grade school photo actually told my mother I should go into modeling all the way back then! Much later I was scouted in Toronto by the number one agency and then finally after my schooling I moved to NYC to pursue professional modeling. Modeling is like any other skill, you must have some raw potential but also your talents increase with practice and instruction.


Q.2      Can you tell us about the most interesting story that has happened with you in your profession?

Brana :  I have had so many interesting experiences through modeling and indirectly related to the industry as well. One story that comes to mind is trying to balance a half-strawberry on my cheek for the perfect editorial shot.


Q.3      The best memory in the initial part of your career?

Brana :  I’ll never forget walking and then almost falling on stage in the middle of Times Square for the iifa award shows. I’m told it’s the largest award show in Bollywood. The model behind me stepped on my gown and almost sent me flying! It was still an amazing experience to walk the runway in front of several thousand people in the heart of New York. I could do that everyday! The energy was unbelievable.


Q.4      Which was the biggest challenge that you faced as a model?

Brana :  It’s a continuous struggle to remain authentic in an industry built on appearance alone. Strengths like intellect and personality are not always viewed as such in the world of modeling. I’m very particular who I work with for this reason.


Q.5      How do you put art and modeling together?

Brana :  I have developed a method of combining performance art and fine art to show the fragility of our planet and the strength of the female form. I take different materials and paints and laying them on my model to produce a singular effect. The finished product is a print from the temporary performance.

Q.6      How did you become an activist?

Brana :  After I attended the premiere of The True Cost, my eyes were opened to the high price of fast fashion. Eventually I attended the first Model Mafia meeting over three years ago and we started combining our voices in asking the industry to change its practices.


Q.7      Changes that you would like to see in fashion industry?

Brana :  So many changes are needed. I would like garment workers to be payed a living wage. I would like fashion companies to be more mindful of their environmental footprint. I would like models to be treated with respect. I would like runway models to have healthier figures. I would like models to start at age 18 and above. This is just the start.


Q.8      What comes to your mind when you hear the word India?

Brana :  I think of ancient wisdom, kundalini yoga, and great food!


Q.9      Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Can you share how that was relevant to you in your life?

Brana :  Culture is not static. Let’s all be conscious of how we are creating our world everyday.

I think this is very relevant to the current climate. Technology is allowing for very rapid change in our societies and it’s important that we carefully consider and consciously choose the direction and ultimately the destination.

Social media accounts of Brana Dane : Twitter handle – @branadane

instagram – @branadane

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