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8 Things To Do This Lockdown

Things to do in lockdown

We all are locked in our houses due to Covid 19 as from 24 march 2020 to 13 may 2020 its almost 2 months we are house arrest ,as every coin has two sides so we should have an eye on the positives of lockdown.

  • Nature is healing itself ( from pollution created in decades )in a fastest possible way
  • We are able to differentiate between actors and real heroes(doctors,nurses,helpers,soldiers,farmers and police)
  • After so much of religious hatred that was spread due to political agenda’s still the Ramayana and the Mahabharata gained highest popularity worldwide and made world record.

These are some positives and different ways to see this tough situation but still the problem is what to do on lockdown. Everyone among us needed holiday and quality time for ourself and now we got that golden opportunity so we should use it wisely

Here are the things to do on this lockdown

  1. Spend time with family– Do you remember how you lived in childhood ,just try to explore and relive your childhood talk to mom dad and make this lockdown time more special
  2. Read – Reading is the best way to increase memory power and to gain lot of information as well as its helpfull for exams and gives you confidence
  3. Be creative – Create something technical or artistic that is your handmade moddle but create something so you can feel inner happiness .
  4. Learn something new – It could be anything like cooking, gardening, knitting, singing, dancing, craft, any gardening etc it will definitely help you in future and increase the confidence level
  5. Play indoor games – Games like carrom,chess etc indore games could help fighting loneliness as well as help you remember your childhood and the old golden days
  6. Exercise – Do not forget to meditate ,do exercise or aerobics and yoga in order to make your mind ,heart as well as body healthy .
  7. Religious worship – It will help to understand the real meaning of religion, God and give you lots of knowledge of your religion and then you will be able you answer the fraud and fake rumors and you will never need any priest to answer your religious questions
  8. Look at your life – Look at the wrong things you did till now as well as on the right things and then create your own values to live.

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