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283 New Corona Cases in Green Zone Districts

Corona Green Zone

In the last 9 days, 283 corona infected patients have been reported in 20 green districts of 8 states. In some states, the number of infected has increased by more than 50 percent in the same period. Not only this, in Tripura, which has been declared free of infection, the Containment Zone has been re-created after the arrival of 40 new patients.

According to the list released by the Union Health Ministry on 30 April, 130 districts in the country are in Red, 284 Orange and 319 districts in Green Zone. Now, after the release of the list in 20 of the Green districts, the government has become worried due to the newly found infected.

It was feared that the Green District may also fall into the Red Zone if the number of investigations increases. Senior doctors of Delhi AIIMS and a member of the Task Force say that due to increased investigation, Green District can come to the Red Zone. This is a natural process that cannot be avoided.

He said that after review every week by the Ministry of Health, it was decided to do a zone-wise list of districts. The revised list may appear in a day or two. The team of experts is engaged in the review of each district.

Patients doubled here
According to the task force, as of May 7, the number of patients in Tripura, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Odisha has doubled or exceeded 50 percent. That is why the ICMR is also conducting screening as a surveillance in densely populated and green districts.

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